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Agent to Agent Real Estate Referrals

Exclusive Territories to Receive Referrals
Get qualified seller & buyer referrals directly from other agents
Send unlimited referrals to qualified agents
Back office database that automatically tracks and follows referrals to closing keeps all correspondence and referral agreements
Includes international agents

Included In All Plans

Biography: Explain your expertise and video to personalize your message
Exclusivity: Only one agent or referral partner per zip code
ReferralTrac: Back office database to converse directly to referring agent, give status updates. You can upload important documents and Referral Agreements are automatically filled out and both agents agree and sign online.
Include your website in your bio so agents can see your properties for sale.

Agent Basic

  • 1 Exclusive Zip Code
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Agent Plus

  • 5 Exclusive Zip Codes
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International Agent

  • 1 Map Location
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Referral Partners

  • 5 Exclusive Zip Codes
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Referral Stars

Join top producing agents all around the world sending and receiving referrals.
search-iconReferralStars begins with a location and a profile. Enter the Bio information that will explain to referring agents who you are and how you be the best person to send their referral to. Enter your place in the world. Agents have customers moving worldwide and across the state.

Once you join, your star is shown on the interactive map. Agents looking to send you a referral will zoom into an area and find you, then look at your bio and the referral process starts.

Increase your referral power with a Video Biography and Referral Trac, a powerful tool to track referrals to close. In addition to the regular written bio, you can upload a video that will personalize your message. Talk directly to the referring agent and let them see how effective you are as an agent.

Referral Tracking will allow you to track the referral from start to finish. Now you can directly converse with the referring agent, give status updates and nothing ever gets lost! You can upload important documents pertaining to the referral and Referral Agreements are automatically filled out and both parties agree and sign online!

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Referral Partners

Need Real Estate partners to work with? Now ReferralStars is adding Referral Partners.
Real Estate Agents need your services. Gain exposure and have agents contact you directly, you will have your place on the map. Agents will view your profile and click on your links and websites and have all your contact information. Perfect for:

  • Appraisers
  • Lawn Care
  • Home Inspectors
  • Commercial Agents
  • Title Companies
  • Referral Brokers
  • Property Managers
  • Movers
  • Mortgage
  • Insurance Agents
  • Home Watchers
  • Alarm Companies
  • Surveyors
  • Pest Control
  • Attorneys
  • Builders

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How ReferralStars Works

Once you are a member, you get a symbol on the map. The ReferralStars Map is an Interactive Search Map that allows you to find and be found simply and easily. A referring agent will search either by, entering in City, State, Country, ZIP (Postal Code), Name, Company, Designation, etc.

Document & Track

RefrralsStars PLUS, allows you to document the referral and track where and what the status of the referral is.

All correspondence between agents is logged and available for both agents to see. Email updates are automatically sent, to alert the other agent that a response has been requested.

Once a referral has been offered and accepted, a complete Referral Agreement is automatically generated by ReferralStars. Both agents can review the agreement and by acknowledging terms the agreement is complete and part of the record.

This simple and effective tracking, assures both agents that the referral is moving forward and nothing is getting lost.


As a ReferralStars Member you can fill out your profile and include designations, area representing, and your picture. ReferralStars PLUS can add a personalized video that will allow you to let your personality shine! Remember that ReferralStars PLUS also allows you to have an exclusive ZIP Code and Tracking!

What Our Agents Are Saying


Having received referrals from ReferralStars members, I like the instant email notification and the ease of communication with the other agent. The tracking feature is no hassle and keeps all the records in one place.

Dick W.
North Port, FL


Using this website is easy. Searching for an agent to send my referral to was fun, I liked to be able to search by designation.

Corilyn T.
Laconia, NH