ReferralStars Demonstration

Welcome to ReferralStars, a membership based referral platform for licensed real estate agents.

The concept behind ReferralStars is simple - find an agent, send them a referral, the referral agent takes care of the customer, and at the close of the transaction, the referring agent gets a referral fee on the sale or purchase.

Since the system is live and actively sending referrals, the easiest way to show you around is through a series of screen captures.

When a new member logs in to ReferralStars, the first order of business is to set up your member profile. The information that you provide is then loaded into our ReferralWizard – A powerful search feature that will allow you to be found as the perfect agent to receive a referral. This is how other members will be able to find you and review your profile and credentials.

Once your profile is set up, your member Welcome area will look something like this...

Screenshot 2014-08-15 22.53.54

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After using the ReferralWizard to locate an agent you wish to refer to, fill out the referral form to send an email inviting them to accept your referral. We want to give every member an opportunity to review a referral, but we obviously want them to commit to giving you a referral commission too. The offer review looks like this...

Screenshot 2014-08-15 23.06.09

As you can see, we give the terms of the referral and just enough info to let the agent decide if this referral is something of interest. The agent then has to choose to accept or decline the referral and type their name as a digital acceptance of the offer.

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Once the referral is accepted or declined, another email notification goes out to all parties with a notification of the status change.

Now you are probably wondering how you are going to keep track of this referral now that is has been created, and that is why we have created ReferralTrac. We keep everything organized for you so you can quickly go to any set of referrals you want to review.

Screenshot 2014-08-17 23.52.53

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Since we all want more referrals (and that's exactly why this program was created) let's take a look at what an accepted referral looks like...

Screenshot 2014-08-15 23.19.01

We have made it easy to upload attachments to your referrals and they are easily accessed by any agent who is party to the referral. Also, there is a messaging system that logs all communication back and forth between all parties which sends notifications via email while leaving a permanent note on the referral file.

Ready to get started? You can join as a Referring Agent Only for FREE or you can have full access and receive referrals for only $ 97.00 per YEAR! Either way, increase your referral productivity and earn more money with ReferralStars.

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