IMPORTANT! does not collect commissions. All commissions go through your Broker

*All agents must be licensed and represented by a broker

Why give $ to a middleman broker and give up control? With ReferralStars, you have complete control of who you send the referral to and the timeliness of communication and follow-up. You never lose control of the referral... or your customer!

Agent Basic

  • 1 Exclusive Zip Code
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Agent Plus

  • 5 Exclusive Zip Codes
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International Agent

  • 1 Map Location
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Referral Partners

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Referral Wizard

An Interactive map based search app. This wizard will find by location, name of office, affiliations, etc, the perfect agent to send a referral. This is also how you will be found by other members to receive referrals, so a complete and accurate profile will ensure you receive referrals.

Referral Trac

Does the tracking of referrals. Whether you have received or sent a referral, all documents, including the referral agreement is logged along with all correspondence. The correspondence is set up with a built in calendar so nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Referral Dashboard

Members have a back office to track and monitor incoming and outgoing referrals. All referrals are private and secure between agents. Each agent receives updates of performance and accountability

Video Profile

Show the referring agent how professional you are and how you will handle their referral.